Tapping Center VT-7i
  • ECOM VT-7i is a combination of speed, rigidity, and precision. The Direct Dirven Spindle System eliminates vibration, ensuring excellent surface finishes and long cutting tool life. Adhering to our outstanding quality and development experience on the machining centers for many years, the VT-7i provide your customer with faster processing efficiency and higher machining quality.
  • The VT-7i comes with a high-performance roller linear guideway for all 3-axis. It provides fast & accurate rapid feed, and also the allowance of heavy workpiece Z-axis.
  • The 3-axis C3 class high precision ballscrews all has been well pre-extension, and directly coupled to A/C servo motors. It significantly eliminates backlash and ensures the highest rigidity.
Travel X - Axis Travel 700mm
Y - Axis Travel 450mm
Z - Axis Travel 330mm
pindle Center To Z - Rail 500mm
Spindle Nose To Table 110 -440mm
Table Table Size 900 X 420mm
T - Slot (number*width*pitch) 3*14mm*100mm 
Maximum Table Load 300kg
Spindle Spindle Taper BT-30
Spindle RPM 50-12000rpm
Type Of Driving Direct Type
Feed Rate X. Y Axis Rapid Feed Rate 48m/min
Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate 48m/min
X. Y. Z Max.Cutting Feed Rate 10m/min
Automatic tool changer Arm Type (Tool to Tool) 16T  (1.4sec)
Max. Tool Diameter*Length(adjacent) Φ80X200mm
Max. Tool Weight 3 kg
Spindle Motor 3.7/5.5kW 3.7/5.5kW
X. Y Axis Servo Motor 1.5kW 2.5kW
Z Axis Servo Motor 3.0kW BS 2.7kW BS
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.005mm / 300mm
Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.003mm
Others Approximate Weight 4500kg
Floor Space Measurement 2100*2800*2330mm

Above specification are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Accessories
Fully-Enclosed Splash Guard
Electrical Cabinet with Heat Exchanger
Work Lamp
Alarm Lamp
High Pressured Coolant & Air Gun
Spindle Air Blast & Coolant Nozzle
Rigid Tapping
Auto Lubrication System
Editable CF Card Function
Portable Hand Wheel (MPG)
Auto interrupt & Power Off System
Leveling Blocks & Screws
Tool & Tool Box
Chip Flushing System
Spindle Coolant System
Operation Manual
Optional Accessories
BT30 2.2~3.7kW / 20000rpm Direct Driven
Fast Wheel ATC Type 21 Position
Fast Wheel ATC Type 16 Position (servomotor)
Fast Wheel ATC Type 21 Position (servomotor)
Chain Type Chip Conveyor + Cart (rear extraction)
Column Raised 100mm
Column Raised 200mm
Oil skimmer
Air Conditioning System for Electrical Cabinet
Transformer 20kva
CE Standard
Coming Soon