5-Axis Gantry Machining Center GT-3682

ECOM GT-3682 , U-shape structure 5 axis gantry type machining center, provided excellent 5-axis simultaneous accuracy performance for 5-axis machining in mold cutting, highly precise contour finishing, milling, drilling, and tapping. This gantry 5 axis CNC machine to shorten tool displacement travel and cutting process effectively and extend tool life and offer the best choice for composite angle machining.

Industries Applications:

  • Automotive- Stamping Die
  • Aerospace- Aluminum Machining
  • Machine Component
Travel X - Axis Travel 8200mm
Y - Axis Travel 3600mm
Z - Axis Travel 1500mm
Dolumn Distance 4500mm
Working Space 3600X8200X1900mm
Spindle Nose To Table 400-1900mm
Table Table Size 8000x3500mm
T - Slot 32mmx250mmx18T 
Maximum Table Load 8000kg / M²
Spindle Spindle Taper HSK-63A
Type Of Driving Built-in Type
Spindle speed 18000rpm
Feed Rate Rapid traverse(X.Y.Z)axis X:12 Y:12 Z:12(m/min)
Cutting feedrate 1~8000(mm/min)
Type Of Driving X Axis Type Of Driving Gear Ratio (1:20)
Y Axis Type Of Driving Gear Ratio (1:3)
Z Axis Type Of Driving Direct Drive
Automatic tool changer Max.tool Diameter Ø78 (Full) ~ Ø150mm (Empty)
Max.tool Length 300mm
Max.tool Weight 8kg
Spindle Motor 30kW / 72Nm 
X Axis Servo Motor 5.5kW(36Nm)
Y Axis Servo Motor 7.7kW(48Nm)
Z Axis Servo Motor 7.7kW(48Nm)BS
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.01/300;±0.02/Full travel
Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.005mm
Others Coolant tank capacity (pump) 300L (1000W)
Hydraulic fluid tank capacity 160L (7500W)
Pneumatic supply ≧ 6.5Kg/c㎡
Floor Space Measurement 10320X6280X4900mm
Machine weight (approximate) 60000KG

Above specification are subject to change without prior notice.

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Standard Accessories
SIEMENS ONE controller 19" LCD
Built-in Type, 18,000rpm
Leveling screws with blocks
Tool box
Air blast through spindle
Work lamp
Semi-Enclosed Splash Guard
Unclamping pedal
Three color light
Auto power off
Auto lubrication system
USB interface
Portable Hand Wheel (MPG)
Spindle coolant system
Heat exchanger for control cabinet
Pressure system(not included air pressure source & air pressure tube)
High pressure water & air gun
Chain Type Chip Conveyor 
System operation and procedures manual
Machine operation Manual
HSK63A Arm Type ATC(24T)
Coolant through spindle(30Bar)
X.Y.Z. A.C Optical scale
Optional Accessories
HSK-A63 ARM Type 30 position
HSK-A63 Chain Type 40 position
HSK-A63 Pocket Type 60 position
Heidenhain Optical Linear Scales XYZ
Renishaw NC4
Renishaw OMP60
CE Mark (Safety Door Switches)