• The structures of major components for DMCB machining centers have been designed with the finite element method (FEM). We refine our design and improve product quality. 
  • The ECOM DMCB provides stability, and power requiring to deliver super-sized precision for meticulous industries such as aerospace, electronics, and automotive.
  • The solid double-column construction ensures greater rigidity and closer tolerances, making this machine well-suited for the efficient machining of general parts and rapid die & mold jobs. ECOM double-column machines deliver repeatedly.
Travel X - Axis Travel 2200mm
Y - Axis Travel 1700mm
Z - Axis Travel 800mm
Distance between column 1700mm
Working Space 1700mm X 2200mm X 1000mm
Spindle Nose To Table 200-1000mm
Table Table Size 1400mmx2200mm
T - Slot 22mmx200mmx8T
(22mmx120mm each side for one)
Maximum Table Load 8000kg
Spindle Spindle taper-D mm BT50-190
Type Of Driving Belt Type
Spindle speed 6000rpm
Feed Rate Rapid traverse(X.Y.Z)axis X:20 Y:20 Z:15(m/min)
Cutting feedrate 7000(mm/min)
Type Of Driving X Axis Type Of Driving Belt decelerate(1:2)
Y Axis Type Of Driving Direct type drive
Z Axis Type Of Driving Direct type drive
Automatic tool changer Max.tool length 350mm
Max.tool weight 15kg
Max.tool dia.-(Full tools) Ø110mm
Max.tool dia.-(W/O Adjacent tool) Ø200mm
Motors   0iMF-β 0iMF-α
Spindle Motor 15/18.5kw(143Nm) 18.5/22kw(118Nm)
X Axis Servo Motor 3KW(36Nm) 7KW(30Nm)
Y Axis Servo Motor 3KW(36Nm) 7KW(30Nm)
Z Axis Servo Motor 3KW(36Nm)BS 7KW(30Nm)BS
Cutting fluid Capacity(motor) 300L(1000W)
Hydraulic tank Capacity(motor) 160L(7500W)
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.005/300;±0.015/Full travel
Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.003mm
Others Pneumatic supply ≧ 6.5Kg/c㎡
Floor Space Measurement 6400X4400X4000mm
Machine weight (approximate) 22000KG

Above specification are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Accessories
Fully-Enclosed Splash Guard
Electrical Cabinet with Heat Exchanger
Work Lamp + Alarm Lamp
High Pressured Coolant & Air Gun
Spindle Air Blast & Coolant Nozzle
Rigid Tapping
Auto Lubrication System
USB & RS232
Editable CF Card Function
Portable Hand Wheel (MPG)
Auto interrupt & Power Off System
Leveling Blocks & Screws
Tool & Tool Box
Chip Flushing System
Spindle Coolant System
Dual Screw Type Chip Conveyor
Chain Type Chip Conveyor + Cart
Unclamping Pedal
Operation Manual
Optional Accessories
Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet
Z/F Gear Box ~ 6000rpm + Coolant Unit
BT50 Direct type 8,000/10,000rpm
Z Axis Column raised: 200mm
Z Axis Column raised: 400mm
BT50 Chain Type 40 Position
BT50 Chain Type 60 Position
Semi-automatic indexing 90 milling head -N75B
Universal milling head (manual)-C45
Extended Milling head 300mm-E73N
Extended Milling head 500mm-E75N
Transformer 380V / 50Hz / 3phase / 50kva
CE Standard